Weekend Gabe

Radio Personality

Radio Personality

Radio Personality


Gabe has covered the national and local hip hop scene since 2010, when he hosted a specialty radio show on WCRX, 88.1FM and studied as an undergrad on the campus of Columbia College Chicago. There he also interned at WBEW, Vocalo, 91.1FM and rose to be the station’s Senior Hip Hop Correspondent. Gabe also interned at WGN-AM as a producer and worked for the iconic broadcasting station for several years. 

Currently, Gabe reviews new hip hop releases weekly on air for Vocalo’s Morning Amp program.

For nearly 5 years, Gabe co-hosted a weekly podcast, Illside Radio that focused on hip hop music and culture. He described his experience, “I think these online formats are open avenues of communication that can’t be disputed and are tons of fun and go hand in hand with terrestrial radio.”

From 2014 to 2019, Gabe was welcomed in to the Radio One Chicago family, and heard every week conversing with some of Chicago’s finest hip hop artist including Psalm One, Grammy nominated Really Doe, and producers like A-Villa. 

WeekendGabe currently is planning to produce and host a weekly podcast, and video interview series. Stay tuned.

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Lisa Allen

Radio Personality

Radio Personality

Lisa Allen hosts the midday show at WTMX-FM, The Mix in Chicago. She started as a hopeful intern and

Lisa Allen hosts the midday show at WTMX-FM, The Mix in Chicago. She started as a hopeful intern and worked her way to her dream job as midday host at 101.9 The Mix, being named the “best radio personality in Chicago” at the IBA Silver Dome Awards in both 2015 and 2018. 

She thrives on concert going, a hectic schedule, getaways with family and all things adventure! 

IG: lisallenonair

Twitter: LisaAllenOnAir

Spicy Mari

Spicy Mari

Spicy Mari



Spicy Mari is the CEO & Founder of The Spicy Life. As a Relationship Expert, Spicy Mari has dedicated her life's work to encouraging singles and couples to communicate and connect more effectively by incorporating passion and adventure back into their interpersonal relationships. Raw and uncensored in her matchmaking approach Spicy Mari has been featured on VH1 Basketball Wives, Buzzfeed, OWN NETWORK’s hit show, Don’t Tell The Bride, The Ricky Lake Show, and iHeartRadio as a recurring relationship expert.

Spicy Mari's desire to understand the way in which men and women communicate, started in her adolescence and led her to obtain a degree in Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley. Discovering her life's purpose was to not only help people find love but also teach them to sustain it, she developed easy to apply strategies and methods known as Spicy Tips. Kindling romantic flames for others ignited a fire in her that led her to receive certification as a dating coach from the International Dating Coach Association. Shortly after sparking several love connections, she devised The S.P.I.C.Y Life Program, which provides exciting courses, seminars, and events on “Self, Passion, Intimacy, Communication & learning to say YES.” In order to enrich her ability to add value to singles and couples in a digital dating era, she went on to obtain a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. Formed with the goal of transcending traditional boundaries, The Spicy Life provides self-improvement through effective communication and relationship building.


D & Davis

Spicy Mari

Spicy Mari



Demonze Spruiel-Rose, known as "D," and Kenneth Davis are two South Side of Chicago guys who break down all local and national sports on The D & Davis Show and give the best hot takes on pop culture and politics on D & Davis: The Flip. 

The D & Davis Show specializes in sparking and maintaining the type of conversations that do not get played out on every sports broadcast while bringing in-depth angles and perspective to the most essential news of the day. D & Davis has brought in some of the best talents in local and national sports media for revealing interviews, including Dionne Miller of ABC Chicago, Lou Canellis of Fox Chicago, Marc J. Spears of ESPN and The Undefeated and Chicago sports writing legend Fred Mitchell. Demonze and Ken have also lent their expertise on issues of the day to CLTV’s Sports Feed, The Laurence Holmes Show on 670 The Score, and WVON 1690 AM's The Cliff Kelley Show.

D & Davis: The Flip allows the guys to speak candidly and without censor about current events and pop culture including the latest in music, television film and politics. Recent guests on the Flip include reporter from WCIU’s The Jam, Brandon Pope, WGN morning co-host Cortney Hall and comedian/actor Brian “Da Wildcat” Smith. 

Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram at @DAndDavisShow and on Facebook by searching "D & Davis Show."

denise garrison


Founder of Maverick Six Business Management


Denise Garrison is a Business Management consultant that has a passion for learning and educating others on the fundamentals of business management and how to maintain a five-star rating. Denise has over 15 years of experience in the customer service industry and has been employed by several government agencies. In May of 2010, she received her degree from Peirce College in Business Management with the concentration in Marketing. At that time, she realized that she wanted to share her knowledge with others by helping them make their dreams a reality. While being employed by Septa (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), Denise discovered that she wanted to pursue her passion full-time. In 2019, Denise founded Maverick a Six Business Management LLC. The ideology behind Maverick Six Business Management was to be able to network with potential & established business owners and encourage them to take their business to the next level. Denise takes a special interest in each client and aims to provide superior customer service and value to their operation. She is committed to satisfying her clients needs and considers each of them to be a major asset to the company. 

Robin E.


Podcast Host, Pillow Talk

Graduate of SIUC Carbondale with a bachelors in broadcasting, this young black woman millennial  is aiming to inspire those willing to listen !! Tune in to “Pillow Talk” podcast on all major podcast platforms.

IG: robbine93

twitter: E93Robin

Gabe Ramirez


Chicago’s B96 Radio Personality

Gabe Ramirez is a morning show personality on Chicago's B96. Born and raised in the Humboldt Park/Logan Square area Gabe attended Lane Tech and eventually graduated from UIC double majoring in Economics and Behavioral Communication. His passion and connection to the city comes through the airwaves daily and is seen in real life through efforts with countless non-profits throughout the year. He's strong in his opinion just like any Chicagoan yet his caring heart can't be hidden, just like any Chicagoan. Check him out every Monday-Friday 6-10am on B96!

Jazmine Duke


Author & Business Owner

Owner of JD Bath Co

Author of: I'm Black & I have a Dad

IG: jazmineduke


Michael Gutierrez


Host of Chicago3Media, Actor & 606 Realtor


Michael Gutierrez is a Realtor with 606 Brokers LLC in Logan Square Chicago. As a son of immigrant parents Michael learned at a young age two very important things from them, work ethic and community. His passion and love for Chicago neighborhoods displays that Michael doesn't only sell real estate, he brings neighbors together. With so much energy and motivation Michael decided to open up his life and experiences to the world by creating a web series entitled "In Your Neighborhood" With Mike The Realtor. Mike travels thru different neighborhoods through out the city of Chicago to highlight Real Estate for sale and to showcase the wonderful people and establishments from each of these neighborhoods. Mike believes that it is the People that truly makes each community home.

IG: miketherealtorchicago

Simeon Henderson


Actor, Teacher & Motivational Speaker

Simeon Henderson is from Chicago, at an early age Simeon’s mother taught him that hard work and perseverance pays off.  Applying these principles along with always having faith is what helped him realize he had the ability to do what ever he desired.

Simeon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Elmhurst College.  While a student at Elmhurst, he was a senior of the year finalist and an All-American Record Breaking Hall of Fame Football player.  Upon graduating, he embarked upon a pro football career in the NFL, which was short lived due to an injury.  Due to this minor setback, Simeon decided to follow his passion for helping children and began teaching on the West Side of Chicago where he grew up.  Although considered a tough area, Simeon was up for the challenge.  Not only did Simeon teach in the classroom but he served as a coach and disciplinarian of students enrolled in the school.

Simeon also joined the Chicago Police Department, working the evening shift, while continuing his work as a teacher during the day.  Simeon took a leave of absence from the CPD to pursue a master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Roosevelt University.  He has also taught Introduction to College Studies and Communications on the college level.

Upon completion of his Master’s in Educational Leadership, Simeon resigned from the CPD, but continued to teach while pursuing an acting career.  Since this time, Simeon has launched his own entertainment company Simbolic Entertainment which has produced several films.  As an actor he has worked on blockbuster hits such as Barbershop II, War of the Worlds, Even Trade, Caught in the Game, I Used to Love Her, and a host of other movies and national commercials.

Simeon has also hosted a local television show in Chicago and has toured with Tyler Perry’s play, The Marriage Counselor.  Simeon has also worked as an actor in L.A.  He uses all of these experiences as a tool in helping him pursue what his purpose really is; motivating the youth because, they are our future and they need to know that if they can believe it, they can receive it.  This is why Simeon teaches the youth that life is as simple as “A.B.C.” (Attitude, Behavior, and Character) and that they always have to “D.R.E.A.M.” (Determination, Respect, Education, Attitude, Motivation).

Marcell Fitzgerald


Motivational Speaker & Host of Food For Thought w/ Marcell Podcast

Marcell Fitzgerald was Born and raised on the west side of Chicago in ( K-town). He was raised in a 2 flat, 2 bedroom apartment along with 6 brothers,1 sister Mom and Dad. Growing up was a struggle living in one of the toughest neighborhoods on Chicago’s west side. Thankfully, he had a praying and loving mom who kept all of  her kids in church and away from all the gangs and violence that surrounded her family. Marcell quickly gravitated to Basketball which taught him discipline and kept him busy. He became very good  while growing up and eventually got popular in high school from his athletic abilities. 

His talents eventually earned him a scholarship to college. Being one of the first in his family to go to college made his Mother very proud. After his second year in college he soon learned that he had a son to be on the way. This changed his life immediately. Although, His father was at home during his childhood, he did not have a good relationship with him. This motivated him to want to be the opposite of his Father. 

This was a traumatic period in Marcell’s life. Not having the help and support to stay in school, play ball and raise a child, quickly made him reflect on all the struggles that he had been through. This caused resentment towards his Father and quickly strayed him away from Basketball.  Although he finished college, he was very unsure on what he wanted to do with his life. Turning to music as an alternative, he started to record with his brothers and friends, selling CDs around Chicago’s Westside. Although he enjoyed doing Music, it still didn’t fill the voids and heal the scars that he was dealing with.

After getting married and settling down, he soon realized that he wasn’t at peace with himself. He started reading and listening to audiobooks about, mental health, self discipline, financial literacy, and setting goals that changed his life for good.

He Started a group in 2015 on Facebook entitled Food for thought to give back to others. The inspiration was driven from overcoming all the pain and scars that he suffered as child growing into a young man. He uses quotes and records live videos speaking on goal setting, overcoming challenges, financial literacy,and maintaining healthy relationships.

Now he will tap into Podcast to broaden his audience with hopes to help and share the knowledge that he has acquired over the years.

IG: foodforthoughtwith

facebook: https://m.facebook.com/groups/558961457587817?group_view_referrer=profile_browser

Carmen Luna


Mortgage Banker & Finance Professional

 Carmen Luna graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science in business with a major in Accounting. She has been in the mortgage business for over 17 years. Carmen is an accomplished finance professional with experience and knowledge from processing, underwriting and training. She has had many roles in the mortgage industry that has given her the key skills in providing all her clients the very best options for their new home financing needs.

Over her years as a mortgage banker, Carmen has enjoyed helping her clients understand the loan process and assisting them in achieving the American Dream. Because of her extensive knowledge of the available programs, problem solving skills, and commitment to excellence, Carmen ensures her clients receive superior guidance as they pursue one of the most personal investments of their lifetime. She strives to provide a seamless loan process that is driven by customer service to each of her clients.

Carlos Torres


Writer, Director & Filmmaker , Carlos Torres Films


Carlos Torres is no stranger to suspense. Which is why he loves writing and creating it so much. Born in the island of San Juan Puerto Rico and raised in Chicago, Carlos' love for writing and creating films came from the love of writing music and wanted to see if he had what it takes to tell his story visually on screen. Once he felt that he had what it took to write movies, he then went on created his independent film company "Carlos Torres Films"! There he's written and produced film titles such as, "Game of Redemption", "The Warrant" and "The Murder Report" to name a few. He's also gearing up to release season one of his first crime drama web series titled, "Meet Karma" which will be coming in the summer of 2019. Carlos is also in the process of working on new films to release later this year as well.

IG: torresthewriter

Amber Rochelle


Health & Wellness Influencer

 Amber Rochelle, known online as ‘nineteenpercent’, is a burgeoning, and accidental, Instagram Health and Wellness influencer who gained a following by sharing her dramatic fitness journey.

In January 2018 she began logging the day to day struggles and victories as she shed 180 pounds over that year. Often raw and transparent, she also shares her experiences with depression, anxiety, and Binge Eating Disorder in the hopes of combating the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Understanding that wellness is more than weight loss, her aim is to offer encouragement to women of all sizes in embracing their bodies, practicing self-compassion, and making small daily efforts to nurture their own wellbeing.

She is a Cleveland native who moved to Chicago in 2014 after completing her graduate studies. She practices full time as a Physician Assistant.

Her transformation has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine online.

Instagram: nineteenpercent
YouTube: nineteenpercent
Twitter: nineteenpercent

Dr. Harold N. Levinson

Carol Deeley, Founder of Gabriel’s Light


Dr. Harold N. Levinson is a world-renowned psychiatrist and neurologist credited with bringing about a dramatic breakthrough in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia and its related syndromes.

  He began his dyslexia research 35 years ago, and since then he has examined and treated more than 30,000 children and adults.  This has resulted in the development of a unique medical-educational therapeutic approach, validated by recently-published, independent research.  In addition, his new scientific instruments can be used to screen for this disorder before symptoms arise.

  But the greatest testimony to his work is in his patients and parents, and how he has changed their lives.  Many have volunteered to appear with him in any setting to tell their stories.

  Dr. Levinson is currently the Director of the Levinson Medical Center for Learning Disabilities and has established the Levinson Foundation for Learning Disabilities in Great Neck, New York.  He has written eight books, including the just-off-the-press medical text, The Discovery of Cerebellar-Vestibular Syndromes and Therapies, A Solution to the Riddle – Dyslexia.  This reprinting of his 1980 book has been called “decades ahead of its time” and “a new millennium work.”  A popular version, “Feeling Smarter and Smarter”, an updated sequel to his best-selling Smart But Feeling Dumb, is to be published later this year.

  In addition, his many scientific papers dealing with the origins, treatment, and interrelationships of Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities (LD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Anxiety or Phobic Disorders have appeared in medical and educational journals, and have been reviewed by such popular media as the New York Times, Science, Time, and Smithsonian.  He has also appeared on a number of television programs in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, including The Today Show, Larry King Live, and Donahue,generating huge response.  The BBC is currently producing a documentary of Dr. Levinson’s research.

  Dr. Levinson is a graduate of New York University and the Chicago Medical School.  In addition to his work with the Levinson Center and the Levinson Foundation, he is an Attending Psychiatrist for Long Island Jewish – Hillside Medical Center.  Previously he served as Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry for the NYU Medical Center from 1978-1990, School Psychiatrist for the Bureau of Child Guidance Board of Education for the City of New York from 1964-1981, and Clinical Instructor at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY from 1964-1978.

  He is a member of several professional medical, scientific and other organizations.

Dr. Levinson’s site: http://dyslexiaonline.com/media/media.html

Podcast Link: